Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 20

Assessment of the impact of external factos on farmers' motivation for organic farming

Daiva Makutėnienė, Valdemaras Makutėnas


The article focuses on the preconditions behind the global incidence of organic farming
and the external factors contributing to its development It assesses the significance of external
factors in choosing/pursuing organic production business and offers tools stipulated by the external
environment that add to the Lithuanian farmers' motivation for organic farming.
The motives that inspire the farmers' decision to take up organic farming include higher
product prices and compensations; aspirations to engage in nature-friendly farming, healthy diet
and healthy lifestyle, established organic product processing and wholesale systems and trading
infrastructure; growing demand in products. Those factors can be divided into internal and external.
A quantitative research method, a questionnaire survey, was elected for estimating the impact
of external factors on farmers' motivation. The article introduces the research object which
includes two external factors considered to be the most important by scientists, i.e. direct aid to
the organic production farms and the organic product market conditions. The questionaire survey
was performed in summer 2009. After some of the questionaires were rejected due to a poor
quality of completion, the article reveals and analyses the answers of 324 respondents.

Keyword(s): external factors, measures increasing motivation, organic farming

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