Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 20

Variations in the emphasis of rural development programmes in the eu: the cases of Lithuania and Scotland

Irena Krisciukaitiene, Aiste Galnaityte, Gerald Schwarz


The idea for this article arose collaborating with researchers from EU countries within the 6th
Framework project AGRIGRID. During the project it was noticed, that different EU countries
have chosen different priorities, measures and budget allocation when preparing the National Rural
Development Programmes (RDPs) for 2007–2013. The main aim of this paper is to review
the implementation of rural development programmes in Lithuania and Scotland in the context of
derived rural development priorities and existing key challenges of agriculture and rural areas.
Following a comparison of the socio-economic indicators, strengths and weaknesses of the RDPs
in both countries are explored. The results suggest that the differences in programme priorities
are driven by socio-economic and bio-physical characteristics in Lithuania and Scotland. The
analysis concludes with proposals for future amendments to the RDPs considering the specific
circumstances and characteristics in the two case study countries.

Keyword(s): agriculture, competitiveness, Rural Development Programme, structural change

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