Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 20

Legal acts system formatting peculiarities of karst region economies management

Rolandas Kripaitis


North Lithuania karst region is one of the most conflicting from interest compatibility in
ecological, economic and social point-of-views; i.e. from the point-of-view of sustainable development.
All European Union State members, including Lithuania have committed themselves to
implement the principles of sustainable development. Moving to such kind of development coordination
of political-legal activities, such as regulation methods to solve environmental problems
and other methods to eliminate economic activities‘ influence on environment are inevitable. The
state through different legal laws has to ensure the best karst region resource protection, its use
effectiveness as well as their careful and timely check. Research aims at offering karst region
economies management legal acts system improvement as well as formatting directions.
The article presents economy management legal acts system in karst region. During the
period of 1977–2009 over thirty legal acts present both chronological as well as sustainable devopment
points-of-view. The research results are relevant and also significant in reformatting legal
acts management system. The research also defined regional legal acts improvement directions
and formatting peculiarities.

Keyword(s): sustainable development, karst region, legal acts system

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