Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 20

Fisheries sector marine fishing branch condition and development possibilities

Violeta Grublienė


The main problem analyzed in the paper – the condition of fisheries sector Marine fishing
branch (fishing in open Baltic Sea and in coastal zones) is complex, accordingly there is a necessity
of evaluation branch development possibilities in the context of sustainable region development.
It was highlighted that after national economy orientation to open market economy, there
was necessity to accomplish some tasks that would fulfill traditions, new challenges in accordance
with integration to European Union and Common Fisheries Policy (CFP). Lithuania as Sea
country had difficulties to coupe the changes. The article relevance is shown in necessity of
upholding and developing fishery sector by reorganizing it to economically effective and socially
useful branch of activity. Fishery sector Marine fishing branch is analyzed in accordance with
collected theoretical and practical material thus evaluating branch significance to sustainable development
of the region.

Keyword(s): fishery sector, Marine fishing branch, sustainable development, region

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