Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 35, Number 4

Evaluation of the cooperation between institutions in pursuit of increasing safety of the citizens in Pasvalys municipality

Odeta Želvytė, Birutė Pitrėnaitė-Žilėnienė


Safety assurance is task that requires systematic approach, united action, and active relevant individual involvement. Cooperation is considered as one the most important priorities for complex and constantly changing safety environment. Therefore it is important to assure, that safety assuring institutions in the municipality’s region would aim for and would be able to act together, in order to assure safety of citizens, environment and property. The goal of this investigation is analysed cooperation of safety assuring institutions in Pasvalys region, to make proposals on how to improve it. The planning, law and project analysis methods are applied in order to evaluate the level of cooperation between institutions that focus on safety in the region. 13 semi-structured interviews have been performed with the employees of the relevant institutions. In order to control appearance of the risk factors and to reduce the dangers, the safety assuring institutions in Pasvalys act actively in implementing the safety assurance actions. This is supported by abundance of inter-institutional projects and organized preventive activities. Special attention and effort is directed to risky social groups. This correlates positively with the number of fire accidents and under-age crime level. The implemented actions have positive affect to safety level, so inter-institutional cooperation in Pasvalys region is considered fruitful.

JEL Codes: R41, H70, I18.

Keyword(s): safety, municipality, safe community, inter-institutional cooperation

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