Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 35, Number 4

Advisory services for organic farmers: needs and estimations

Virgilijus Skulskis, Donatas Stanikūnas, Vanda Žekonienė


The purpose of the article by the study is shown – to identify the needs of organic farmers and the provision of individual consultations and evaluation knowledge of consultants, developing such activities. Based on the analysis of scientific literature, on which a questionnaire was prepared and some of the organic farmers were interviewed during events (74 properly completed forms were received). Empirical research results helped to identify respondents lack of the knowledge areas, their main reason slow use of advisory services (poor briefing), the evaluation of consultants working in this field (priority for part time organic farmers and part time advisors). The results and conclusions imply additional opportunities for a better organic farming consultancy, consultants’ competence development trends. This causes additional assumptions consistent organic farming and organic products market development in the country.

JEL Codes: Q16, D83, I25, O13.

Keyword(s): advisor, individual consultations, organic farming

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