Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 35, Number 4

Local government management – an attempt to define the term and its scope

Antoni Kożuch, Ewa Książek


An important element of the democracy system is the social organisations system, that include all the social groups, thus frame the whole society. The social organisations system constitute the best participation field for the society members in case of socio-economic matters management. The local government is an important factor of social life in every organisational system of a country, an environment or a group. Territory managements is based on  stating some aims, i. e. the needs that may and should be realised by the organisation, not at taking decisions dealing with tasks, resources and deadlines for realisations. The aim of the following article is an attempt to frame theoretically the territory management system and the possibility to improve it on the basis of a local government, the most common form of a government. The article is of a cognitive and application nature. The paper is based on the related literature, observations and the author’s conclusions.

JEL Codes: H79, M16, M19.

Keyword(s): government, local government, self-governance, territory management

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