Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 35, Number 4

Evaluation of entrepreneurship in dairy farms by using optimization method

Andrej Jedik, Aldona Stalgienė


The article investigates the estimation of farmers’ entrepreneurship ability in various‑scale dairy farms by using FADN data. The aim of this article is to provide entrepreneurship definition, evaluate entrepreneurship ability indicator by using optimization methods, identify and compare distribution among small and large-scale dairy farms. Entrepreneurship of each farm is estimated by implementing deterministic optimization method. The results of the research show that owners of large-scale dairy farms have more skilled entrepreneur ability than owners of small-scale dairy farms. To increase entrepreneur ability in small-scale dairy farms organization of business management courses are proposed.

JEL Codes: C44, Q12, L26, R51.

Keyword(s): operations research, farm households, entrepreneurship, household analysis

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