Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 35, Number 4

Personal peasant farming agricultural development system of Ukraine

Yuriy Hubeni, Vasil Andriiv, Yulia Koverko


The aim of the article is to define the place of the personal peasant farming in agrarian development and to single out the problems of theirs activity. Due to the aim of the article and with the help of economics and statistics and monographic methods it is considered the state and amount of the development of agricultural production in the personal peasant farming of Lviv region, analyzed the dynamics of live-stock and the quantity of the basic kinds of vegetation and cattle breeding. Also it is shown the place of personal peasant farming in the agricultural products development by each category of producers. It the article it is highlighted the advantages of personal peasant farming with the other organized rightful forms of farming and indicated the basic problem of its development where the main is the existence of personal peasant farming outside the institutional system of agricultural production. Based on the system approach to the problem of the personal peasant farming development it is found out that its integration to the agricultural development must be effected on the base of the realization of some actions: the improvement of legislation, the increasing of the state support quantity and the setting of the channel for products realization.

JEL Code: Q18, Q12.

Keyword(s): agricultural production, integration, personal peasant farming

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