Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 29

Characteristics of organizational culture and culture in organization

Jolita Vveinhardt


In the article there are the main characteristics of organizational culture and culture in organization being analyzed on purpose to distinguish between the very conceptions. On the basis of the scientific works by foreign authors the differences of both analyzed cultures disappear and/or there appears some confusion over the terms when translating them into Lithuanian. Thus the main objective of the article is to present a generalizing view by detailing constituent parts of the cultures as well as emphasizing the main differences after having systematized the conceptions of organization as well as organizational culture that are used and examined in the works of Lithuanian authors. In the article after having evaluated the differences of the content of the terms as well as peculiarities of translation from English, German and French languages, tradition of terminology usage as well as requirements raised for Lithuanian language of science, there are recommendations that enable to avoid possible confusion presented. Aim of the research to make proposals how to distinguish between the conceptions of organizational culture and culture of organization after having analyzed their characteristics. The article has been worked out on the basis of the following methods:  systemic analysis of scientific literature, general and logical analysis, synthesis, analogy, complex generalization and comparison. Constituents of culture of organization are characteristic to many social as well as artificial systems. These are convictions, stereotypization of contemplation, fundamental values, group conscience, archetypes of collective subconsciousness, sequence. Thus vectors of organizational or management culture determine the position of organization in the market. Mostly the terms describing organizational culture that are encountered in the scientific works of Lithuanian authors vary: organizational culture, corporative culture, management culture.

JEL codes: M120, M140.

Keyword(s): culture, culture in organization, culture of management, organizational culture, corporate culture, corporative culture.

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