Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 31

Farms Development in the Context of Sustainable Development

Zofia Koloszko-Chomentowska
Bialystok University of Technology


The paper discusses aspects of the sustainable development of family farms in the modern economy. The concept of such development shifted the emphasis on supporting farmers who produce good quality products and observe the principles of environmental protection. Current activities related to the implementation of the Common Agricultural Policy evidence that. The objective of this paper is to assess achievement of one of sustainable development goals, namely the economic goal, which is to assess the development activities carried out on farms in Podlasie province, including the role of public funds in this development. These farms produce with the principles of environmental protection. The analysis of the data shows that in the period 2008–2010 have been the development of farms, which were involved preferential loans and subsidies for investment. The average increase in value of own capital was 18.5 thousand PLN. There was also an improve in the use of fixed assets, income from the farm of 100 PLN assets increased by 11.7%.

Keyword(s): agriculture; farms; sustainable development

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