Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 29

A farming efficiency estimation model based on fuzzy multimoora

Tomas Baležentis


The paper focuses on development and application of the multi-criteria decision making framework for estimation of farming efficiency across different farming types. In this study time series data from the Farming Accountancy Data Network were analyzed. The research covers the period of 2003–2010. Indeed, reaching an economic efficiency is the foremost objective of managerial economics. Therefore, it is important to identify certain types of farming which are the forerunners or laggards in terms of operation efficiency. The following tasks were set: 1) to discuss the fuzzy MULTIMOORA method; 2) to develop the indicator set for efficiency assessment; 3) to evaluate efficiency of different farming types. The applied fuzzy MULTIMOORA method enabled to tackle the uncertainty specific to economic phenomena. The results showed that the most efficient farming type was horticulture and permanent crop farming. The second most efficient farming type was mixed field crop – granivore, pig farming. Mixed cropping, field crops – grazing livestock, and mixed livestock, grazing were ranked as those below the average farm in terms of efficiency. These types of farming should receive the highest support for technological improvements.

JEL codes: C440, Q100, Q130.

Keyword(s): farming types, efficiency, fuzzy number, MULTIMOORA, multi-criteria decision making.

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