Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 29

Promotion of corporate social responsibility by strengthening the brand equity for the customer

Renata Arlauskienė, Vitalija Vanagienė


Competition in the market and transition of companies to corporate social responsibility (,,CSR") concept give an incentive to analyze the influence of CSR promotion in advertisements on brand equity. This concept, as a part of brand equity management process in modern organization, is highly important to the customer. This article analyzes if organizations make CSR public, if this information in the advertisements necessary for customers and how it could impact the brand equity. The aim is to substantiate the influence of CSR promotion in advertising on the customer brand equity. Methods: comparative analysis and synthesis of scientific literature, graphic modelling, questionnaire. The obtained results have established that in order to strengthen the brand equity companies should increase attention to customer awareness of the CSR concept and promote it in advertisements as this affects the choice of a brand.

JEL codes: M31, M39.

Keyword(s): corporate social responsibility, brand equity, advertising.

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