Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 31

A Combined Approach for Determining Managerial Activities

Guna Civcisa
Riga Technical University


Success and sustainability of organization is closely related to the professional skills of person at the highest level. Entrepreneurs have to develop various professional skills by him/her-self. The aim of this research is to develop approach to determine the most important activities to be implemented by a person at the highest level of an organization. Analysis is conducted by comparing three systems and models in field of quality management: ISO 9001 Quality management system standard, the EFQM Excellence Model and Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. Literature review, document analysis and qualitative research methods, such as comparative analysis and interpretation, have been applied to identify three types of managerial activities. This article distinguishes management, leadership and governance activities through the combined approach presented here. In the result, nineteen key activities have been identified and developed based on steps of created approach. The set of key activities can be used for self-assessment, as well as for extended capabilities for professional growth of person at the highest level. The article also covers design of approach which consists of several steps and tasks.

Keyword(s): approach; governance; leadership; management; person at the highest level;quality management systems/models

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