Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 26

Efficient communication between a manager and an employee as a way to sustainable development of the contemporary organisation-based on empirical research

Anna Wziątek-Staśko


Communicating is a quite peculiar process. However common and necessary, it often constitutes a tool completely omitted in considering determiners of organization’s proper development. Meanwhile a deeper reflection implicates conclusion which restores ‘communicating’ priority role and due place- without effective communicating process in an organisation may not function properly any other process, any management function. We may not talk about rational planning, proper organizing, efficient communicating and proper control. Numeral „sicknesses” of the communicating system (informative anemia, bilingualism of information, lingering and distortion of information, etc.), several barriers of efficient communicating (e.g. lingual, cultural, outlook-like, etc.) are just factors which may significantly verify properness of relations among employees, between subordinates and superiors, finally between organisations and its contractors. The purpose of hereby article is a trial of looking at the process of communicating in an organisation in manager-employee relation.

JEL code M 12.

Keyword(s): communication, management, process, sustainable development

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