Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 31

Development Factors of Alternative Activity in Rural Areas

Adelė Astromskienė, Jadvyga Ramanauskienė, Rūta Adamonienė
Aleksandras Stulginskis University; Mykolas Romeris University


When analyzing Lithuanian countryside economy’s reforms and problems, it is noticed that an important role is played by alternatives to agricultural activities. This created researchers interest to this unique economic sphere. Various individual companies and public organizations are being set up, with their activities being practically unlimited. The rapid development of alternative entrepreneurship in the country is caused primarily by an economic restructuring, aspiration to overcome structural disproportions of production and as a result of stiff competition, emerged during the administrative- command economy period. The implementation of general economic principles, specific to the modern world economy, are being taken into account: the transition to intensive reproduction method where its quality’s value is increasing, development of a division of labor, and a sudden expansion of production and services nomenclature and assortment, due to an urgent need for economy of resources. Therefore an emergence of an alternative to agriculture activity, the development of support infrastructure itself is becoming one of the most promising trends for a country’s rural employment and the market transformation in Lithuania. The research aim is to identify factors that affect the development of alternative agriculture and define possibilities for further development and promotion. The research object an alternative agricultural activity based on examples from Kaunas district and Kalvarija municipality. The article applies analysis, synthesis and comparison, of empirical research with data processing methods. It also analyzes the importance of an alternative agricultural activity and factors that are critical for development process (both theoretical and practical aspects).

Keyword(s): an alternative activity; factors which determine a development; activation tools for an activity’s development; infrastructure provision of activity

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