Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 26

Chosen aspects of sustainable development in Poland with particular focus on agriculture

Renata Marks-Bielska


Sustainable development results from assuming the principle of integrated order seen as consistent and simultaneous perception of the economic, social and natural order. Agriculture is the sector of the economy in which the most favourable conditions for implementation of the principles of sustainable development exist because, on one hand, the resources of natural environment are used there, and on the other, the farmers, through their activities shape that environment. The aim of the paper is identification of the most important aspects in the area of sustainable development with particular focus on agriculture from the perspective of the subject literature. On the base of critical analysis of literature, the issues related to sustainable development of agriculture (its genesis, concept and development) were systematised. The important position of agriculture in shaping the sustainable development in Poland was presented. Both descriptive and graphic forms of presentation of the subject have been employed.

JEL codes: A190, 0130.

Keyword(s): agriculture, sustainable development, Integrated Farming System, environment management

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