Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 30

Efficiency Evaluation of Creative Methods in Innovative Organizations

Vytautas Jonas Žilinskas, Jelena Dementjeva
Klaipeda University


Modern organizations sharp competitive environment is observed that is significantly superior to managing intellectual capital. Only continuous production technology, production maintenance, process management and improvement of working methods ensure that the organization will be able to maintain or expand their market segments. Very important to examine the effectiveness of creative methods in the organizations research and development processes. Authors are purposed to assess the effectiveness of creative methods in Lithuanian organizations, who engaged in innovative activities. In order to achieve expert survey was conducted in three Lithuanian organizations – scientific research institute, project and service companies. It was found that in the initial stages of the innovation activity cycle preferred insight methods. Developing a creative idea of a more efficient use of formalized, such as algorithmic or morphological methods. We spotlight the versatile functional-evaluate analytical method which enables to optimize resources and minimize time costs to manage solutions.

Keyword(s): innovation; creative; creativity; creative methods

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