Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 26

E-democracy perspectives in the rural regions

Rimantas Dapkus, Rūta Kmieliauskaitė


The development and deployment of modern information and communication technology (ICT) has a significant influence not only to the economy but also to social and political relations. In the developed world communication among public administration, citizen and business is already taking place in both traditional and electronic means. Targeted and rapid exchange of information and communication in cyberspace in the near future a modern type of democracy will be made to e-democracy, and the wide use of ICT by households and businesses will significantly contribute to sustainable regional development. The article discusses the scientific literature, empowered the country documents and other secondary sources of information and the public administration's will-ingness to provide e-services analysis.
The research showed that although the country has a reasonably good ICT infrastructure and appropriate efforts of public administration services on the e-environment, but at least in rural areas people are not sufficiently prepared to participate in the development of e-democracy because of the low level of ICT knowledge. Questionnaire survey was carried out to determine if the popula-tion has sought to acquire only the initial level of computer literacy skills and very little interest in the acquisition of the ECDL level skills that enable them not only to actively participate in e-democracy processes but also become more competitive in the labor market. This suggests the need to revise the country's policy in citizens’ ICT education and motivation for continuous improvement of their knowledge.

JEL codes: H890, I290, J240, L860, M530, O180, P250, Q010, R280, R580.


Keyword(s): e-democracy, e-services, information and communication technology (ICT), residents of rural regions, regional sustainable development.

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