Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 25

Direct marketing of organic products

Virgilijus Skulskis, Vilija Girgždienė, Rasa Melnikienė


The constantly growing market of organic food products has a positive impact on the de-velopment of sustainable agriculture. After direct sales in Lithuania were activated, changes in consumers’ attitudes towards organic food products were researched. In November 2010 was carried out a survey of 502 Vilnius residents aiming to find out the key factors of the consump-tion of organic products, convenience to purchase, and informing about these products. The re-sults prove the increasing consumers’ interest in direct sales of organic food, greater trust in the quality of organic products bought in farmers’ markets and suppose the need to develop direct marketing.

JEL codes: M100, M300, M380, Q130, D120.

Keyword(s): organic food products, consumers of organic food, direct marketing of organic food.

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