Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 25

Factors promoting progress cycle in harmonious organization

Diana Lodienė


Harmonious organization is such an organization, that meets the needs of the people work-ing there and the final product of the organization meets the needs of consumers. Harmonious progress of the organization may be perceived as increasing the opportunities of future genera-tions to meet their needs. Progress we can meet not in every environment and not in every organ-ization. Excellent conditions for the progress development are in harmonious environment and harmonious organization, where employees are encouraged to think creatively, great emphasis is placed on intellectual capital, progress and innovation is promoted.
New ideas are developed in creative mind activity. New ideas mature new technologies. Development of new technologies encourages the development of progress in all things and ac-tivities. More rapid progress accelerates more rapid changes in all activities. More rapid changes accelerate to work mind activity faster. In this approach we have a recurring cycle, which starts from the mind activity and where it‘s result is progress. This cycle is turning ever faster, faster and faster. In such way occurs the problem – how to keep up the speed of changes and to pre-serve the creative activity of mind and don‘t lose innovative ideas in harmonious organization. The solution of this problem and the factors of progress cycle are discussed in the article. To proceed mind activity in standard way is not enough, there is needed a revolution in thinking.

JEL codes: M190, M100, M110.

Keyword(s): changes, development,harmonious organization, innovation, management, mind activity, progress.

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