Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 25

Directions of strategic management in sparing farming in the karst region

Rolandas Kripaitis


Northern Lithuanian Karst Region is highly problematic because of the issues in   compatibility of ecologic, economic and social interests i.e. from the standpoint of sustainable development. Under the harmful influence of karst processes for environment intensive farming management system appears to be especially unfavourable. Activities of national, regional and municipal institutions should be oriented towards practices, encouraging to sparingly use local natural resources. Such a reform could not only help save recources for future generations, but also solve economic and social issues. A system able to meet these principles and trends could be sparing farming management system, i.e. integrated resource management system; however it is insufficiently analysed from the point-of-view of management, there are no systematic or strategic scientific researches on the matter either.
This article introduces results of relevant researches with a view of measures and directions of strategic management in the context of sparing farming and preparation of strategic management mechanism implementation principles in the Karst Region.

JEL codes: Q01, Q18, Q28, R11, R52.

Keyword(s): karst region, sparing farming, strategic management, sustainable development.

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