Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 25

Effect of foreign direct investment on formation of knowledge society in the context of sustainable development

Jelena Dementjeva


Process of globalization is rapidly expanding international co-operation, more intense competition between them, thus blurring the free movement of capital barriers. Globalization processes in the context of foreign direct investment (FDI), particularly important for developing economies and is becoming one of the most important economic integration into the global market indices. It should be noted that FDI in many scientists recognized as one of the most important economic factor in the development of the country. However, it is clear that the globalization era, highlighted the importance of sustainable development, as international cooperation and competition, free movement of capital reflects a mixed effect in the context of sustainability. The paper emphasizes that FDI has a positive indirect impact on the socio-economic and environmental development of the country within a knowledge-based society and the practical application of new knowledge management processes, which can become a sustainable development strategy is needed. This is a very important factor in developing the country's integration into the European Union and the global market for information society and sustainable development as a tool in promoting the formation of the country is relevant for the task. For the purposes of scientific literature analysis and synthesis, this paper provides an integrated FDI and knowledge-based society interface in the context of sustainable development model.

JEL codes: F010, F410, O390.

Keyword(s): sustainable development, quality management system development, foreign direct investment (FDI), the knowledge society, knowledge economy, knowledge-based organization.

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