Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 25

Identifiacion of individual basic knowledge of sustainable development, using Vygotsky’s theory of personal development

Valentina Burkšienė


Sustainable development is a global multidimentional process, requiring system thinking and understading. When integrating princips of sustainable development in an organization, it is necessary that organizational learning would occur and people, responsible for integration process, have basic knowledge of sustainable development. For identification of this knowledge Vygotsky‘s theory of personal development would be very appropriate. But this theroy has not been validated in the context of sustainable development yet. The aim of the article is to validate a method, appropriate for identification of basic level of individual knowledge of sustainable development, with reference to Vygotsky’s theory of personal development. In the first part of the article using a method of literature analysis peculiarities of learning for sustainable development and necessity of basic knowledge for sustainable development as well as a method for identification of this knowledge has been grounded. The author of the article argues that a semi structured interviu with questions of three types is a very efficient method. And the questions should be devided into three categories and revealing 1) understanding od sustainable development; 2) routin behavior and performance; 3) individual systemic thinking. In the second part the data of empirical survey have been displayed in order to prove the practical efficiency of the offered method – a semi – structured interviu method with specific questions. This method was validated in one concrete organization. The method is very appropriate and unbiased for receiving empirical data for identification of basic knowledge of sustainable development in individuals.

JEL code: Q560.

Keyword(s): level of personal development, sustainable development, learning of sustainable development, knowledge of sustainable development.

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