Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 25

Sustainable development: changes in the evaluation of environmental risks in Latvia

Iveta Briška, Ritma Rungule


Environmental attitudes of the public today are seen as an important part of the formation of the sustainable development policy. Research in this field shows that the support of the general public is essential for sustainable development. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure assessment of environmental awareness of the public to provide such a support.

Public opinion is prone to serious changes. All such changes require careful analysis, as otherwise successful realisation of the environmental programmes and polices aimed at sustainable development would be compromised.

This article offers a brief review of theoretical basis of sustainable development, as well as an a comparative analysis of data of opinion polls conducted in Latvia in 2006 and 2010 on public attitudes towards environmental issues in Latvia. The results of this research show the dynamics of the public opinion caused by various factors of the changeable modern society. Therefore, public opinion requires regular monitoring to enable adjustment of the environmental protection and sustainable development polices.

JEL codes: Q540, Q560, Q590.

Keyword(s): environmental awareness, environmental behaviour, environmental risks, sustainable development

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