Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 25

System of balanced sustainable development indicators: the case of sc teo

Diana Bagdonienė, Aušra Simanavičienė, Giedrius Aimuntas


Mankind utilizes earth resources and services much faster than natural processes are able to revive them. During recent twenty years there has arisen the worry of scientific and academic society because of these global problems and the interest in sustainable development as well as in different strategies of its realization. The application of the principles of sustainable development in the activity of industrial and service enterprises is becoming more and more important factor in increasing competitiveness. Achievement of companies’ sustainable development implies that organizations have to take into consideration the impact they all make on the environment and report on that in such a manner that is consistent, transparent and understandable for all the stakeholders. On the other hand, sustainable development opens new business opportunities for the suppliers of ecological products, for the creators of the materials and processes that are safe for the environment, for the enterprises that invest into ecological effectiveness and for those who are engaged in the creation of society welfare.

The research object is the system of balanced sustainable development indicators. The aim of the article is to generalize the possibilities of the principles of sustainable development based on the research conducted at SC „TEO LT“. The methods of investigation were conducted content analysis of documents and respondents’ survey. Based on the results of this study was improved analysis balanced scorecards by creating the six perspectives strategic map and the list of sustainable indicators.

JEL codes: L1, Q56.

Keyword(s): principles and strategies of sustainable development, organization strategy, system of balanced indicators

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