Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 25

Development and goals of rural communities: towards sustainability of society

Alvydas Aleksandravičius, Jan Žukovskis


The authors analyses and generalizes the historical development of activities in rural communities and covers goals and achievements of the current rural communities in this article. The aim of the research is to generalise essential historical and geopolitical periods in rural communities. Moreover, it points out the objectives that current rural communities in Lithuania are aiming at in the context of sustainable development.
The results of the research have shown that the main aim of the rural communities in Lithuania is to motivate residents to improve their living conditions, education and cultural self-expression; to strengthen solidarity and communal manifestations; to prevent outspread of social isolation. Economical strengthening of residents may start from social development of communi-ties. This is very important factor in order to maintain appropriate assumption for sustainable de-velopment of rural areas. This article is based on the theoretical research, using methods of anal-ysis and synthesis.

JEL codes: R230, R530, R580.

Keyword(s): community, goals, sustainable development, village.

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