Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 30

Importance of Personal Characteristics of Rural Inhabitans for They Entrepreneurship Activity

Adelė Astromskienė, Audrius Gargasas
Aleksandras Stulginskis University


The term 'rural entrepreneur' is associated with a certain way of life and nature of the action of rural inhabitants. Rural inhabitants have a variety of features which are closely related to their valuables attitudes and the propensity for entrepreneurship. The article analyzes significance of the rural inhabitant’s personal value features to their entrepreneurship activity. The aim of research was to identify the personal value features and valuables attitudes of the rural inhabitants, defining their importance for entrepreneurial activity. Study methodology of rural inhabitants personal value features and valuables attitudes were presented in this journal numbers 29 (5) (Ramanauskienė, 2011; Astromskienė, 2011). Based on survey data, there were estimated interfaces elasticity of personal features and valuables attitudes and defined their importance for the entrepreneurial activity of rural population. There were revealed that rural inhabitants’ personal-objective features and valuables attitudes interface create conditions for selection of self-motivation means for entrepreneurial activity.

Keyword(s): personal features; rural inhabitants; entrepreneurship; factors of entrepreneurship;valuables attitudes; entrepreneurial activity

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