Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 34

Assessment of managerial competences development in a business simulation enterprise

Jurgita Martinkienė


Today’s labor market requires not only professional economists, engineers, but also management specialists with managerial competences that would correspond to the needs of the labor market. Such specialists should be prepared by higher schools, where the contents of curriculum of study programmers designated for preparation of specialists, the didactic, managerial approaches and the system of values would be adjusted to the needs of the labor market. Conducted investigations only confirms that an increasing gap remains between the competences acquired in a professional education institution and requirements for a specialist set by the labor market. In order to reduce this gap, colleges have been establishing college-based business simulation enterprises (practical training firms). Relevance of the topic is determined by the need to find out whether business simulation enterprises actually serve as a tool for of managerial competences development required by the labor market. The aim of the research – having assessed the development of managerial competences in a business simulation enterprise to determine the levels of correlations between needed and developed managerial competences. Solving problematic issues, a model was created, for assessment of development of MC in a business simulation enterprise. A survey of approach of managers of business companies was made applying the method of triangulation in order to determine needed MC at the first stage of investigation. Analyze the findings of the performed survey of managers’ approach combining both the qualitative and quantitative research methods, identifying the MC developed in business simulation enterprise (BSE). A survey of students’ approach at the beginning and at the end of the training in BSE was conducted, applying the method of quantitative research, to determine the level of change in components of MC, at the second stage of investigation. The particular levels of correlations between the needed and developed MC were identified at the third stage of investigation.

JEL codes: M120, I210.

Keyword(s): managerial competencies, business simulation enterprise, development assessment

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