Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 34

Coaching opportunities evaluation of Lithuanian organizations (consultant’s opinion survey)

Greta Kliukevičiūtė, Žilvinas Malinauskas


Due to the fact of accelerating changes in the business world, it‘s very important to use the topical managerial tools that can enable organizations to become more flexible and competitive. One of these instruments is coaching. Purpose of this article is to evaluate the application of the coaching opportunities in the Lithuanian organizations. This paper briefly upon the coaching concept, presents the empirical results. The data collected by a qualitative study - a semi-structured depth interviews with experts. In empirical study interviewed eight coaching consultants. As a key limitation of the study have been displayed the coaching customer satisfaction analysis. Empirical study consisted of 17 semi-structured interview questions, but the article contains only two (the other results of the study will be presented in subsequent articles): by analyzing coaching and performance interfaces, and defining coaching in mentoring context. This allowed an assessment of whether the coaching influences the efficiency of the organization and try to distinguish coaching and mentoring concepts. The results suggest that coaching often positively affects organizational performance. In determining the relationship between coaching and mentoring concepts found that coaching is perceived more as questioning and mentoring as a way of providing advice.

JEL codes: M100, M530.

Keyword(s): Coaching, business administration, personnel training and development, consulting, organizational management

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