Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 34

Entrepreneurship education system comprehensive school upper classes

Angelė Jelagaitė, Juozas Vijeikis


The Article deal with one of the most important stages in the entrepreneurial education system – entrepreneurship education of general education schools, in older classes. The purpose of the Article – is to analysis the general education schools, high school students' attitudes to entrepreneurship, to propose measures to improve the educational system. The paper used: scientific and legal literature and mathematical-statistical analysis, synthesis, aggregation and visualization methods to analyze students’ entrepreneurial determinants. Lithuania and the European Union educational documents reveal entrepreneurship education as a national priority. It was found that entrepreneurship education needs to understand the students individual characteristics of learning – initiatives promoting and fostering flexibility, measured on a risk assessment, creativity and innovation is needed. A greater proportion of students in the study mention entrepreneurship as a personal way of thinking, innate and acquired qualities and competencies that enable their existing knowledge into daily practice. In our study, one-third of respondents was planning to have their own business and promises his studies related to entrepreneurship. All of this is related to the compulsory entrepreneurship education in higher grades, informal promotion of entrepreneurship and for the teachers who teach the subject Professional Development.

JEL codes: A200, A290.

Keyword(s): entrepreneurship education, congenital and acquired properties, secondary school, students and teachers

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