Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 33

Genetically modified organisms: risk perception and willingness to buy gm products

Inese Aleksejeva


This study uses consumer survey data collected in different countries to examine the link between risk perception and willingness to buy-genetically modified (GM) food.

This article outlines a number of factors that influence the risk perception of genetically modified organisms (GMO): public knowledge and attitude, the role of media and stakeholders, social economic considerations, confidence in the institutions responsible for decision-making and ethical concerns. These “non-health and non-environmental” risk assessment factors as well as safety and environment concerns influence how societies assess and perceive risk for a technology like gene engineering.

According the results of this study, the high risk associated with GM foods as perceived by the respondents seems to be the main obstacle to the consumer’s acceptance of GM food and willingness to purchase such kind of food.

JEL codes: I18, L66, O13.

Keyword(s): GMO, risk perception, willingness to buy

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