Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 32

Agricultural gross value added income and productivity of increasing factors

Vaida Šapolaitė


The paper presents the country's agricultural income and productivity assessments. Accord-ing to the economics accounts for agriculture and the survey on number of agriculture employees, completed analysis of income and productivity. The aim is to estimate and provide the EU – 27 Member States income and productivity of the agriculture sector. In the publication also is presented the main methodological concept of indicators and application aspects. An overview changes of agricultural production output, intermediate consumption, capital consumption (depreciation), the number of employees, value added and income and the development opportunities that can lead to productivity in the agricultural sector. Productivity changes are interpreted as the agricultural pro-duction volume index ratio to the total cost index and the index ratio of value added to the average number of employees index. The main factors of the growth of productivity in agriculture of Lithu-ania are increasing an agricultural production volumes and reduction of the cost.

JEL code: E010, D330, Q100, Q110, O490.

Keyword(s): economic accounts for agriculture, income per capita, productivity, value added

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