Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 32

Influence of global supply chain for business

Diana Lodienė


Mainly the organizations don’t involve logistics in their strategy or marketing plans. We know that distribution of any product or supply of any raw material to any geographic place is based on logistics. Logistics exists in every company, so the importance of it should be stressed in every company. All logistic processes combined in one chain makes the supply chain of an organization. All businesses are based on supply chains, that’s why a supply chain has the main influence to business. Therefore there should be distinguished definitions of local and global supply chains and their influence to business. Every company involved in a supply chain is separate and has inde-pendent business, but they are connected during the flow of goods, information and money. There-fore the efficiency of a supply chain will depend upon the efficient partnership of companies involved.

JEL codes: D200, M190, M100, M110.

Keyword(s): changes, global supply chain, logistics, management, processes, supply chain

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