Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 32

Development of suistanable farming in the karst region: methodological issues of analysis of the strategic management

Alvydas Baležentis, Rolandas Kripaitis


In order to encourage development of the sparing farming, which complies with the re-quirements of sustainable development, in the karst region one has to carry out a systemic analysis of farming practices in the region and improve the strategic management. The aim of the research was to propose methodological wherewithal’s of strategic management of the sustainable farming development in the karst region. The following tasks were set: 1) to prepare the framework for sys-temic analysis of the strategic management of regional development, and 2) to define and approve the methodological framework for analysis of the strategic management of incentives for sparing farming. The carried out research is based on a systemic analysis. The following methods were em-ployed for the research: document analysis, questionnaire surveys, expert assessments, strategic management methods, good practice. As a result, analytical frameworks for both regional develop-ment strategic management and incentives for the sparing farming in the karst region were devel-oped.


JEL classification: Q010, Q100, Q150

Keyword(s): karst region, regional development, strategic management, systemic analysis, sustanable farming

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