Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 35, Number 3

Sustainable leadership. Review of monograph written by L. Šimanskienė, E. Župerkienė

Audrius Gargasas, Julius Ramanauskas


The present monograph aims to emphasize and offer significant insights in the field of a topical contemporary issue, i. e. sustainable leadership. One can find a number of scientific articles and research studies on the essence of leadership; however, there is a shortage of scientific literature that would combine two important factors: leadership and sustainability. This monograph is 276 volumes of pages. In Chapter 1, the concepts of sustainable leadership and sustainable management are defined, the evolution of the concept of leadership is presented in a systemic way, and a logical sequence of the emergence of sustainable leadership via the evolution of leadership theories is disclosed. The theory of sustainable leadership is revealed. Chapter 2 analyzes the impact of personal qualities onthe outcomes of the performance by assuring sustainable leadership; by means of research, the significant qualities of leaders in seeking sustainable leadership are identified, a model of education of managers ‘characteristics and skills is provided, and the motives encouraging one to accept the responsibility of leadership are looked into. Chapter 3 presents the factors of sustainable development. The factors shall be  analyzed in the following sequence: starting with an individual level, i. e. leader‘s personality,and continuing to team (group) activity, i. e. the group level, and the organizational level, where the significance of the organizational culture will be discussed, followed by social and organizational needs–oriented social responsibility of creating a sustainable organization. There were used more than 500 scientific sources.

Keyword(s): manager, leadership, sustainability

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