Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 35, Number 3

The substantiation of objects for managing the efficiency of cattle breeding producers in Zhytomyr region

Svetlana Vasilenko


The paper deals with the dynamics of cattle breeding development and its efficiency in the post-crisis period in 2008–2011 in Zhytomyr oblast, Ukraine. It also analyses the basic tendencies of the period as to the stock quantity indices, meat and milk production, cattle productivity, produce profitableness. The aim of the investigation is the substantiation of enterprise object management efficiency based on the conclusions of the indices analysis dynamics , efficiency of its functioning, determined factor analysis of the basic components. The efficiency of cattle breeding enterprises is presented by multiple factors model, cattle breeding productivity, stock quantity, agricultural areas. The author proves that cattle stock stabilization with crop increase up to 30–50% and stock quantity change are the main objects for planning the activity of Zhytomyr oblast cattle production. It has been proposed entrepreneurship organization forms for the most optimal aims to be obtained under the context of government documents about strategic development of agricultural and rural territories in Ukraine.

JEL kodеQ120.

Keyword(s): analysis, beef, milk, stock, breeds, management, efficiency

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