Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 35, Number 3

Raining impact on agricultural market participants’ behavior

Edvardas Makšeckas


The agricultural sector, in most cases is supported in developed countries and one of the support measures (government interventions) is training of the sector's actors. The study is carried out to determine the training as a research object for competitive advantages and behavioral economic theories, its effects on behavior, analyze the impact of these interventions to the agricultural market participants’ behavior. The study is based on the scientific literature benchmarking, statistical public data of the Lithuanian Rural Development Plan for 2007–2013 implementation analysis. Study shows that trainings as a government intervention in agricultural market affects agricultural market participants' behavior. Trainings can be a governmental instrument to foster agricultural market participants change the technologies, participate in the support schemes.

JEL codes: Q190, I290.

Keyword(s): intervention, training, support, agriculture, policy

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