Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 35, Number 3

Perspectives and trends of Ukrainian sugar industry development

Tatyana Yarchuk


The purpose of this research is to present and discuss findings of a study of Ukrainian sugar market and its positioning on the world sugar market, which is characterized by largely inelastic demand for sugar, strong market regulation and significant price volatility. The study considers Ukraine sugar market which looks back on a long tradition of producing sugar from sugar beet and being the leading exporter of this sugar. This research provides analysis of current situation on Ukraine sugar market outlines key tendencies of market positioning and describes perspectives of further development. The ways of adaptation of Ukraine sugar industry and its integration to the challenging global sugar market were summarized including: legislative base improvements; implementation of optimal quotation system; logistics system improvement; scientific and technical development; usage of alternative ways of sugar industry development; recovery of membership in International sugar organization.

JEL Code – Q17.

Keyword(s): global sugar market, market regulation, quota, sugar consumption, sugar production, Ukrainian sugar market

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