Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 35, Number 2

Economic development mechanism of organic agrifood market stimulation

Yulya Zavadskaya


In the article were investigated peculiarities of the economic-organizational mechanism of the organic agro-food products market development in the EU. Also, the aim of the work was to develop recommendations on the formation mechanism of the development of the investigated sphere on the basis of the conducted analysis. Based on conducted analysis, it was found out that the range of instruments to support and stimulate organic production in these countries can be united into three groups: legal, financial and communicative. It was proved, that this system construction of public policy mechanism of organic agri-food products market development is quite effective and promising for use in domestic practice provided that it is adapted. Based on the use of various scientific and special methods the directions of implementation of specified three-component mechanism in Ukraine have been suggested. The formation of suggestions for improving the national legal base and elaborated pricing system for organic agri-food products can be also referred to the results of this work.

JEL сode – Q58.

Keyword(s): market, organic agricultural production, the economic mechanism

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