Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 35, Number 2

Women's professional career development factors in Lithuania

Sonata Staniulienė, Laima Sandu


Article analyzes the development of woman career. This phenomenon is important taking into account that woman occupation and career development is one of the biggest priorities in EU social and economic policy. Conditions which assure optimal time management between work and family are also essential in woman life. Because of that, the main objective of this article is to determine factors which can improve woman occupational situation in Lithuania. Using systematic analysis of the literature, logical analysis, and comparative statistical analysis, factors which influence woman career development are determined. These methods allowed to find out that modern public opinion is promoting woman career and the change in man attitude towards woman, promotes the creation of equivalent occupational relationship between partners. Political and economical resolutions influence tendencies of woman career. Research recovered that underdeveloped social infrastructure, which sets the framework of woman situation in career development and family life, is still one of the biggest persisting issues in Lithuania.

JEL codes: M100, M120.

Keyword(s): professional career, women‘s employment, factors

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