Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 35, Number 2

The quality evaluation of models for fishing rights management of the rebuilding fish resources

Arina Motova, Gediminas Radzevičius


The aim of the article is to analyse the characteristics of property rights, and to identify the parameters, which define the fishery property rights management models. Moreover – to suggest an integrated model for valuing the quality of property rights, which would allow evaluating the quality of the different rights management models of fishery in the most objective scale. The most essential features of property-rights’ quality are pointed out – exclusivity, duration (stability), security, transferability – and the scale of evaluation is offered. Also the formula for calculating the quality of property rights management Q is offered, which allows integrating separate quality characteristics into one index. This index allows receiving the complex evaluation of quality management of separate fishery property rights management models. This instrument allows as well comparing the present and suggested methods one with another, and to choose the most suitable one. In the article there is revealed and reasoned the efficiency of individual transferable fishing quotas model in Lithuanian fisheries management.

JEL codes: Q220, Q280.7

Keyword(s): resource management, quotas, fishery, fish resources

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