Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 35, Number 2

Milk market management in the conditions of Poland

Dominika Mierzwa


As a result of food trade liberalization after 2015, increased competitiveness concerning milk products originating from the countries of higher production potential (New Zeeland, the USA, Asian countries) will become a fact.Polish farming will face new challenges to keep pace with them without restructuring and modernization  of the milk sector – mainly milk cooperatives which provide for 80 % of total production. The aim of the article was the assessment of current  Polish milk industry in comparison to the EU countries, as well as the proposition of direction of reforms. Analysis was conducted basing on the method descriptive and comparative analysis, inductive reasoning, and observation by the author. According to research results, until 2012 51,7 % cooperatives had failed. The main cause of that situation was wrong management system in those business units. Following the example of more developed countries, strategies of consolidation and introduction of more liberal regulations regarding cooperative law, based on economy, but not on ideology, seem to be recommended direction of reforms.

JEL codes: E2, E23.

Keyword(s): business entity, consumption, Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), milk quotas, efficiency

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