Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 35, Number 2

Significance of technology for the performance of a creative organization and its knowledge management process

Lina Girdauskienė


Technology is particularly important to a creative organization because it creates and develops new products, promote creativity, new knowledge, innovation and ensure efficiency of performance. This article reveals the role of technology for the development of creative organizations, creativity, and knowledge management. The aim: having analyzed the evolution of a creative organization and features of performance, evaluate significance of technology for knowledge management process and performance in a creative organization. The results of literature analysis, synthesis and graphic simulation let to conduct an empirical quantitative study which allowed identify significant types of technology influencing knowledge management. The results showed that the two types of technology are applied in two different groups of employees. The administrators use more simple manufacturing and sophisticated information communication technology, and creators – sophisticated manufacturing and simple information communication technology.

JEL codes: M10, M15.

Keyword(s): creative organization, creative industry, technology, knowledge manageemnt process

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