Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 35, Number 2

Development of legal regulations of cigarettes marketing elements in the United States of America

Arvydas Bakanauskas, Monika Potašinskaitė


Cigarettes marketing elements’ legal regulation, increasingly covering a wider range of the United States of America (hereinafter referred to as the “US“) likewise other countries, impedes cigarettes manufacturers’ processes of communication with the audiences and curtails the creation of a new user. Legislation of the individual states sovereign regulates and tendentiously seeks to eliminate smoking as a phenomenon by establishing a tight constraint for non-smoking areas. Thereby the benefit of the legitimate cigarettes marketing elements is reduced. Jurisprudence, legal regulations and tobacco control prevention of the US is topical for Lithuania. The latter has a need for more effective cigarettes marketing elements’ regulation and its’ effected factors, inasmuch the youth smoking prevalence remains intense and Lithuania falls into the list of countries were youth smoking is comprehensible as frequent. These regulations’ are topical for business sector as well due to the direct impact on selling and processes of communication. The aim of this research, by analyzing cigarettes marketing elements’ development aspects of legal regulation, is to reveal the tendencies and development of cigarettes marketing elements regulation. The analysis of literature, US statistical data, legal regulations, health care organizations and individual state legislation were made. Possible tendencies of cigarettes marketing elements of legal regulation were found.

JEL codes: M380, K230.

Keyword(s): cigarettes, development, legal regulation, marketing elements, tendencies

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