Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 40, Number 3


Olena Shebanina, Oksana Golubeva, Anna Burkovska, Gediminas Radzevičius


In the agricultural sector, it is important to identify the main directions of investment in order to ensure the food supply for the country's population. One of the most important cases in this sector is ensuring the secure supply of meat and meat products. The state has to choose the most effective tools for supporting the development of indigenous producers and the industry in this sector. The security of the country's food supply is influenced by a large amount of quantitative and qualitative factors. Interaction of these factors and the necessary state support instruments in the meat sector is unevenly treated in the researches of the scientists and varies depending on the specifics of the development of the food sector in a country. The problem of the research is to find out and evaluate the main financial demands and investment directions of the state’s support programs for the support of Ukrainian meat’s sector, which could help secure the state’s demand for the food supply. The purpose of the research is to find out effective mechanisms for the state support and financing of the long-term projects aimed to ensuring the food security in the country. The methodology of research: analysis of research results of Ukrainian and foreign scientists and statistical information (2006–2018 m.). The information is grouped and structured to determine the forecast of meat consumption in Ukraine for 2020, the expected number of population and the determination of the missing quantities of this product in the country. The study provides a model for identifying the volume of long-term investments to ensure the food the security of the country’s supply of meat, identifying the main directions of these investments. The research was based on economic analysis and synthesis models, correlation-regression analysis, mathematic modeling method, etc. The results of research demonstrate the indicators of the food security in the country and determine the adequacy of the food consumption; also the estimation of the investment need for meat production by 2020 is carried out.

JEL Codes: Q12, Q14.

Keyword(s): consumption adequacy indicator, development projects, fixed assets, food securi-ty, forecasting model, investment, meat and meat products

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