Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 40, Number 2


Jurgita Zaleckienė, Jolanta Vilkevičiūtė, Samanta Linkevičiūtė, Zofia Koloszko Chomentovska


The majority of households are family business organizations, which were formed naturally and handed down from generation to generation; thus, often it is difficult to reconcile necessary changes with the fundamental value – harmony between business and lifestyle. Research question: do the Lithuanian farmers have an entrepreneurial attitude towards farming? Aim of the research – to evaluate Lithuanian farmers’ attitude towards business and to present scientific insights regarding the development of households and promotion of farmers’ entrepreneurship. Theoretical research was carried out while applying methods of analysis and content analysis of scientific researches. In order to find out about Lithuanian farmers’ attitude towards farming, motives and business, the method of questionnaire survey was applied. In total, 162 farmers working in different Lithuanian municipalities were interviewed. 82 percentage of interviewed persons recognize farming as a type of business. In order to achieve identified business goals, farmers expand areas of cultivated land, improve production technologies, and have consultations. Teaching/learning, dissemination of good practices could be possible measures which contribute to the change of the attitude towards activity of these farmers.

JEL Codes: K20, M21.

Keyword(s): agriculture, farmer’s household, farmers’ entrepreneurship, questionnaire

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