Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 40, Number 2

Creation and evaluation of logistic services value

Audrius Gargasas, Indra Mūgienė


Logistics has become increasingly important to business organizations for financial performance, therefore the aspect of value creation and evaluation of logistics services becomes more and more relevant. Customers require services that meet their subjective needs and one of the main directions of increasing the value of logistics services is the creation of additional services. The purpose of this study – identify trends in value creation for logistics services and assessment methods. The paper reviews the models of value creation for logistics services and generalizes the evaluation methods of valuation of logistics services. Research methodology: Review of scientific articles (1981 – 2018 m.). Scientific articles analyzing the theoretical aspects of the value creation of logistics services. The information is grouped and structured in order to identify the theoretical directions of the development of the value chain and the scope of service creation and to provide a theoretical summary of the evaluation of the value of logistics services.

JEL Codes: D11, D19, D39.

Keyword(s): logistics value, models, additional services, evaluation

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