Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 35, Number 1

Management of rights of rebuilding fishery stocks and Lithuanian needs

Arina Motova, Gediminas Radzevičius


The general politics of fishery highlighted the need to rebuilding the fishery stocks and to balance the effort of fishery. The aim of this article is to suggest the model of managing the fishery rights, which would allow solving the problems of Lithuanian fishery segment. After the analysis of implemented world-wide fishery rights models, the main problems of Lithuanian fishery fleet have been identified and the suggestions and recommendations are offered, which could be the most efficient for implementing the best model of fishery rights in Lithuania. It is offered to implement the method of fishery rights model, which is based on individual transferable quotas of fishery. It would allow increasing the economic safety of fishers, their responsibility for the resources and to secure the ability for planning investment in the long-term. The implementation of the new system would allow using the fishery resources more efficiently and motivate keeping the standard requirements of fishery.

JEL codes: Q220, Q280.

Keyword(s): resource management, quotas, fishery, fish resources

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