Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development, Volume 39, Number 3

Development solutions for Lithuanian tourism clusters

Rasa Rukuižienė


The World Tourism Organization declares that tourism clustering as one of the most important tool for the economic development of emergency regions. The article presents discussion about Lithuanian tourism clustering, impact of clustering on the regional development of Lithuania and actual cases of tourism clusters activities. The article provides scientific insights and practical measures for the development of Lithuanian tourism clusters, explaining the factors determining their development, emphasizing the problems arising clustering in practice. The theoretical and empirical analysis of the tourism sector clustering reveales the scope of tourism cluster activities, development solutions that enables increasing the supply of products for tourism and public infrastructure. The analysis and evaluation of Lithuanian and European legal normative documents, programs and reports, review of scientific and methodological literature is provided for sectoral clustering evaluation, overview of EU 2014–2020 support program for evaluating the impact of financing and encouraging the Lithuanian tourism clusters to conduct competitive activities, value export and cooperation.

JEL Codes: O11, O32, Z32.

Keyword(s): clustering, tourism cluster, value export

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